Read the world

Read the World

From the exhibition at the Reykjavík City Hall

In celebration of 100 years of Icelandic sovereignty, Reykjavík introduces texts from UNESCO Cities of Literature.

The text exhibition Read the World at the Reykjavík City Hall honours Iceland‘s centenary as a sovereign nation. The texts are chosen by nineteen UNESCO Cities of Literature around the world, one text from each city, representing an author from or with connections to the city. The Cities of Literature are part of the wider UNESCO Creative Cities Network

The texts all ponder on the topics of freedom – whether of thought, mind or speach –, independence or rebellion.

The Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature hopes that the exhibition encourages people to think about these important issues and their meaning for us as individuals and nations. The event also highlights the importance of intercultural dialogue and the invaluable contribution of foreign artists and cultural currents for Icelandic culture, sovereignty and developement, past and present.

The exhibition design: Sigurður Oddsson.

Read more about the exhibited authors and the cities by clicking the links below.