World Book Day

Reykjavik UNESCO City of Literature celebrates World Book and Copyright Day by giving Icelandic readers a new illustrated poem and an audio book by three of Iceland's most popular artists. Both will be made available to readers online, in order for all to be able to enjoy during these times of homedwelling and social distancing. 

In addition, Icelandic literature will be featured at the opening night of the New York online International St. Jordi Festival on World Book Day.

World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated for the 25th time this year. In Iceland, the day also coinsides this year with the First Day of Summer, an Icelandic holiday marking the beginning of spring and increased light here in the far north. 

First Day of Summer

On this occasion, the Reykjavík City of Literature presents families in Iceland with a new summer poem by Þórarinn Eldjárn, one of Iceland's best known poets and writers, illustrated by Sigrún Eldjárn, a beloved author of children's literature and illustrations. The poem, titled Sumardagur bókarinnar (Summer Day of the Book), will be published on our website and social media as an electronic postcard that people can enjoy and share further with family and friends. It will also be read on National Radio by actress Þuríður Blær Jóhannesdóttir. 

The Adventures of Sleipnir

Furthermore, the City of Literature will publish a new audio book by Ævar Þór Benediktsson, one of Iceland's most popular authors of children's fiction. The book will be distributed free to all readers through a podcast in five readings (in Icelandic), starting on World Book Day on April 23rd and onwards for the next four days. The book tells about the adventures of the mythical horse Sleipnir from Norse mythology and is a thrilling read for children from around six years old as well as older readers. 

Sleipnir is also the Reykjavík City of Literature's reading buddy

Icelandic writers featured at NY St. Jordi Festival

On World Book Day, Icelandic literature will be featured at the opening night of the online New York International St. Jordi Festival

Iceland Night will spotlight five Icelandic authors in an exciting lineup of bilingual readings, book chats, music, and live performance. All of the events will go live on April 23 and will then be archived and freely available on the Sant Jordi NYC website.

The authors are Bergur Ebbi, Elías Knörr, Fríða Ísberg, Kári Tulinius and Steinunn Helgadóttir, also featuring translator Larissa Kyzer.