Waters and Harbours in the North

Waters and Harbours in the North

Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature takes part in the international project Waters and Harbours in the North in October and November 2017. It is done in cooperation with Författarcentrum Wäst in Gothenburg, Sweden, New Writing North in Newcastle, England, and the Nordic House in Thórshavn in the Faroe Islands. These are all harbour cities, three of them situated on the ocean and one on the river Tyne.

Writers and visual artist from these cities come together and work in four different groups on texts and visual art pieces dedicated to the theme of waters and harbours. The works will be published on the project‘s website, as well as on the webites of the participating institutions before the end of the year. 

The Icelandic artists taking part in the project are writers Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir, Gunnar Helgason, Haukur Ingvarsson and Jónas Reynir Gunnarsson. The visual artist is María Dalberg.
Haukur Ingvarsson travelled to Newcastle in October and worked with Michael Chaplin (Newcastle), Mattias Hagberg (Gothenburg) and Oddfríður Marne Rasmussen (Faroes) during the week of October 9 – 15. All are prose writers and essayists. The group also took part in the Durham Book Festival on October 14th. The visual part of the Newcastle project is done by Northern Stars Documentary Academy. 

Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir worked with other writers of teenage fiction in Gothenburg from October 11 – 17. The other participating authors were Stefan Larsson (Gothenburg), Mark Illis (Newcastle) and Marjun Syderbö Kjelnæs (Tórshavn). They also appeared at a public event on Culture Night (Kulturnatta) on October 13. The Gothenburg video was made by Johanna Pyköö.

The children‘s author Gunnar Helgason will travel to the Faroes and take part in workshops with Hanna Jedvik (Gothenburg), Laura Steven (Newcastle) and Rakel Helmsdal (Tórshavn) from November 21 – 27. They will also be introduced to the local public during the Tórshavn Book Fair. The visual artist Brandur Patursson will create the Faroe visual piece. 

In Reykjavík, the writers are working together from October 16 – 21. They are Jónas Reynir Gunnarsson (Reykjavík), Hanna Wikman (Gothenburg), Degna Stone (Newcastle) and Trygvi Danielsen (Tórshavn). The Reykjavík visual artist is María Dalberg. 

The group reads and introduces the project at a public event on October 19.