READ PL! Free e-books in November

Krakow UNESCO City of Literature, Reykjavík‘s sister city in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, offers Polish readers in the Reykjavík and Iceland free e-books in November 2020. The books are twelve bestsellers that readers can enjoy by scanning a QR code that gives access to a free app with the books during this time.

The code is printed on posters as can bee seen and scanned here, where you can also see the books in question.

READ PL! - C Z Y T A J PL is a nation wide reading campaign in Poland and our sister city Krakow is generous enough to extend it to Polish speaking readers in Reykavík. The project aims to encourage reading and make books more accessible to readers that might not otherwise come into contact with or seek out books by placing the posters in public spaces and this year, also online. 

Íslenska translation unavailable for ReadPL.