Advent Calendar Christmas Story

The Reykjavík City Library and the Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature publish an advent calendar with a new story for children on their websites every year. Each day in December, leading up to Christmas, one chapter is displayd as that day's calendar window is opened. This year, authors were invited to send in ideas for the story and a panel then selected the one to be published.

The selected story is Jólaálfurinn sem flutti inn (The Christmas-elve that moved in). The authors are Gréta Þórsdóttir Björnsson (text) and Halldór Snorrason (illustrations) and this will be their first published story. 

The panel says this about the story: 

Jólaálfurinn sem flutti inn is a lovely Christmas story with entertaining illustrations. The story has a thrilling enigma and it is funny while at the same time telling about Christmas traditions, both in Iceland and Denmark. The story appeals to children at different ages and adults should enjoy it as well, making this a good read for the whole family to read together.  

About the Authors 

Halldór Snorrason has a master's degree in production design. This is not the first advent calendar he is involved with as he worked on the calendar Tinkas juleeventyr (Tinka's Christmas-adventure) that was aired on TV2 in Denmark in 2017. The second season will be aired this year, and Halldór took part in that production as well. He can sometimes be seen on the streets of Reykjavík on an elegant electronic bicycle that he tends to with passion. When he's not biking, Halldór flyes a drone and prints in 3D. When growing up, he had a friend at the Reykjavík City Library branch Sólheimasafn, a librarian that helped him find all the Bob Moran books in Iceland. 

Gréta Þórsdóttir Björnsson is an Architect from Århus University in Denmark, having specialized in building heritage and sustainable development. She loves handball and Denmark, where she lived for 14 years before returning to her native Iceland. She is getting used to her home country again, in particular its swimming pools, liquorice and having her family close by. Gréta was a regular at the library as a child and teenager, often checking out more than ten books pr. week. 

As a couple, Gréta and Halldór have done multiple things, such as traveling around Europe and edited a web magazine about design and architecture. Lately they have mostly been occoupied with raising their children. 

One chapter each day

The Christmas story Jólaálfurinn sem flutti inn will be published on the websites of the Reykjavík City Library and the Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature from December 1st until Christmas, one window will be opened each day with a new chapter. The story will be published in text form with illustrations and people can also choose to listen to it on the City Library's podcast, read by the author. Families can therefore start looking forward to enjoying this brand new Christmas story together this coming advent. 

The Reykjavík City Library and the Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature thank all those that sent in stories and congratulates these new authors.