The Secret-Face (Blinda kindin)


A play for one actor, written in English. The Secret-Face premiered in Iðnó Theatre in Reykjavík in 2004. Performed by Pálína Jónsdóttir and directed by Steinunn Knútsdóttir.

From The Secret-Face:

BLIND AND KIND WOMAN: One fine day, I was walking down the street and I met somebody, he said: Hi love. Hæ elskan. I was so happy I wanted to take the love-jump but I didnðt know how to do it. I tried this way (Ballet-jump) this way (Backwards-jump) like this (Bitch-jump). But I couldn’t find the love-jump. I travelled around the world, asking everybody if they knew the love-jump but nobody knew it. Finally I was told to ask the world-press but the world-press was busy in Iraq and with David Beckham so I and the hungry children in Africa had to wait. I’m still waiting. (Her one hand grabs the handbag, the other hand grabs it back, the hands fight over the handbag. At last it falls on stage)

FUNERAL-WOMAN: Get her off stage.

UNIVERSE-WOMAN: Off stage! Why?

FUNERAL-WOMAN: She’s fake.

UNIVERSE-WOMAN: She’s real and lives a real life. Look at her.

FUNERAL-WOMAN: She lives a secret life.

UNIVERSE-WOMAN: Are you telling me there is something I don’t control.

FUNERAL-WOMAN: to find out we play the Funeral-game. We have a funeral, lot of people, a coffin, hymns, orgel-music, a priest.

UNIVERSE-WOMAN: Who is running this funeral!

FUNERAL-WOMAN: And a story. We need a story!

UNIVERSE-WOMAN: We can’t bury her just because she’s fake.


UNIVERSE-WOMAN: There’s never been a murderer among my people.

FUNERAL-WOMAN: She was trying to make a little world. (Mimes the Blind and kind woman with a nagging tone) “One fine day Hi love.. dad a da.” And you! You control the universe!

UNIVERSE-WOMAN: Okay, get her off stage. All together now. (Funeral- and Universe-woman put their hands up as if sleepwalking, is going of stage, falls) She can’t control herself.

BLIND AND KIND WOMAN: I’m Godot. You’ve been waiting, I know.