Poems in ICE-FLOE, International Poetry of the Far North

Anchorage, Alaska

Three poems -- Gatan (The Street), Á ströndinni (On the Beach) and Hann sagðist vera sterkastur (He Said he Was the Strongest) --were published in Ice-Floe (vol. II, #1 2004, pp. 26-31), translated to English by Hallberg Hallmundsson. The poems are printed in Icelandic and English side by side.

The Street
(in memory of a poet)

You pivot around and facing you is nobody,
the street empty
and now it has hailed.
Clear-eyed mannequins show new dresses,
the night animates them
       and the neighboring houses whisper:
        you're nobody
      you're nobody


On the Beach
On the beach these things are obvious:
anything but what the sea is hiding anything but what the earth is guarding anything but what the clouds are covering –
the surface, the horizontal expanse
beneath the vault

a tiny stick of a man
in the center

trans. Hallberg Hallmundsson