Poems in ICE-FLOE, International Poetry of the Far North

Anchorage, Alaska

The poem Hugarveröld guðs (God's World of the Mind) in ICE-FLOE (Vol. I, No.2: 2001: 38-39).

God's World of the Mind


We've explored the mind
with the same curiosity
as those who lived
the great age of discovery

the oceans of own thoughts
looked at little words
glittering words on the mind's
dark heaven

sailed by landmarks
of star words

seen the compass needle quiver
suspected unknown regions
of new ideas
followed one word to another
without finding that new world
the mind yearns for,

words die
like stars into dawn-bright
of toil and lofty intentions

the imagination poetic curiosity
in the straitjacket
of time.


trans. Hallberg Hallmundsson