Hundurinn sem þráði að verða frægur (The Dog that Wanted to Become Famous)


Pictures by Halldór Baldursson.

In a news release from the publisher it says: In this book Bergsson invites children as well as adults into an adventurous world of animals and people. A dog that has known better days longs to get the attention of his masters and thus aims for fame. But the road to the top is not only playful, it is also full of obstacles. The dog learns different things about itself and the other animals in the neighbourhood but also a great deal about humans. Thus the story can be said to be an allegory that gives an unexpected view on life and existance. As in other books by this author, joy and sorrow are mixed together in an almost dreamlike balance. The world of animals and man is reborn - for all of those who long for the adventure that life has to offer.