Ljóð/Örsögur í Brushstrokes of Blue


Fimm prósaljóð eða örsögur í safnritinu Brushstrokes of Blue: The Young Poets of Iceland. Páll Valsson ritstýrði. David McDuff þýddi ljóð Elísabetar.

Úr Brushstrokes of Blue:

The Child Who Received Compensation

Once upon a time there was a child whose parents were so perfect that they were always giving their child compensation. Yet no sticking- plaster was ever seen on this child. The child accepted the compensation gladly, but in the end suffered from greed, which appeared in an increased expression of self-torment on its face. To end the story I must add that when the child reached the years of maturity it had acquired that stubborn feeling that life owed it something.