Ljóð í vefritinu mini-MAG


Ljóð á ensku í vefritinu mini-MAG - outside the ordinary:


Freedom (Frelsi)

Heroes (Hetjur)

Horror of War (Stríðs hryllingur)

Warriors of Words (Orðavíkingar)

Warriors of Words (Orðavíkingar)

listen poets of the world
your words are mighty
your vision is clear
war is war is war
never peace
never healing
if war

the oracle of history speaks
through your words
through your courage
fight with the pen
with your vision
but most importantly
open the space between space
the world between worlds
between your words

the world is not simple
it is not even one
it is in layers of understanding
create that empty space
of understanding
by heart on fire
by compassion
by being unbearably honest

create that space for free thinking
curling through your words
to hit in the heart of hearts
like a bolt of enlightenment

you are the carrier of the flame
the favorite of the muse
the warrior of words
truth truth truth
seek it speak it

the bush is on fire
illusions run deep
seek speak the truth
and hope shall remain
peace shall remain
in the s p a c e

This poem is dedicated to all the poets, writers, artists, thinkers, spiritual leaders that made the Book of Hope & the World Healing Book possible.