Ljóð á ensku í vefritinu Blackmail Press


Ljóð á ensku í nýsjálenska vefritinu BMP7 (Blackmailpress, 7), nzpoetsonline:



If you ask me about faith
I will tell you
That my faith has no name
I belong to no church, or religion
Every place on earth
Is my place of worship
All of gods names are my god names
Beyond  name
It is what it is

If you ask me about where I come from
I will tell you, that I was born on an island
But I belong to all the people that live on this Earth
And all of Earths different places are my home

In my answers I feel freedom
I am no longer caged by nationality,
religion or politics

My home is this planet
And the universe the source of my faith

I am what I am