Icelandic Writing Today


Ritstjórn: Sigurður A. Magnússon. Aðstoð við ritstjórn: Kristjana Gunnars. Þýðingar: Sigurður A. Magnússon og Kristjana Gunnars.

Úr Icelandic Writing Today:

LISTEN! [eftir Ólaf Hauk Símonarson, þýtt af Sigurði A. Magnússyni]

listen! listen!

now the bakeries are opening
now the junk-shops are opening
now the banks are opening
now I am opening my breast
a fresh selection of joy and pain

my prices are reasonable:
get a copy.
my heart is out of stock
at the publisher's.


THEOLOGY III [eftir Dag Sigurðarson, þýtt af Kristjönu Gunnars]

My love, I will gladly
be your god, o Goddess
since you find worshipping me
such sport

But do, love, get rid
of your moroseness, do, odon't
sacrifice me onemoretime

It's tiresome to go through
that painful drudgery
century after century

Sacrifice is overdone nonsense. I
never really succeeded in saving anyone
and the wisdom I myself got out of it
was limited and far too costly

It's better if we play
fertile and free and careless
like wise children

I'm sorry. I get alitle
crazy and insecure
wihle the wounds are healing